How to make a website without paying money

You should not pay any money!!

I have designed three websites, i make a living out of them and i paid nothing for them. Websites should cost you nothing and should bring you money, if you found someone doing something else then know that he is not on the right track.

In this article i will explain how you can start a website without paying money and then in the second part i will explain how you can earn money out of your website.

How to make a website without paying money

One of the fastest ways to start a website without paying a single dollar is going to and creating a blog there. The advantages of having a blog on are:

  • No need to pay anything for hosting as your website will already be hosted there
  • No need to pay anything for a design as design templates are already provided by them
  • No need to purchase a domain as your blog will be listed under's domain
  • is owned by Google so appearing on Google's search engine will be much easier
  • You will be able to get good traffic by connecting to the blogger's network

But i want a website not a blog

Both websites and blogs can help you make good money. While blogs are easier to start some people prefer to have websites and not blogs because of personal preferences. Fortunately you can start a website without paying any money too, read my article how to make my website for free for more information on this topic.

How to earn money from my website?

If you are going to spend time and effort on a website then why not monetize it? Basically you can earn money from a website by two main methods, putting ads on your website or selling something on it. Read my article How to place Google ads on my website for more information on making money using ads and my article how to sell products on my website for more information on selling products on your site.

The book How I did it was written by Farouk and it explains how he managed to make a website that generates thousands of dollars/month in less than 2 years without paying a penny.

2earn-online does not contain logical advices or intuitive tricks that everyone knows but instead it contains deep knowledge and effective techniques that are based on marketing, psychology and consumer behavior that can help you make money online in a short period of time without paying anything. The information is presented in a simple, practical and obvious way yet they are so powerful to help you make a living from home without needing anther job. Farouk Radwan, the one who wrote all articles on this website is an MBA holder, E-business expert, Computer Guru, human behavior expert and someone who is making thousands of dollars each month out of his recently developed websites. For more information about Farouk, check out this link.

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